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Keyboard shortcuts every computer user should know

Do you have a computer and want to know what you can do to make it work a lot better for you? You can get help with this if you’re willing to put this advice to good use. This should help you to make you more efficient on your computer so you can get more work done.


Do you notice that your PC takes a long time to boot up? If this has started to happen over the years, there may be a problem with too many programs starting up when your computer is starting, so you have to disable as many of them as you can. Your virus scanners are important to keep on, as well as anything that you may need running to actually use the computer. Look up online how to access your startup program list for your operating system and disable what you can to see what makes your computer start faster.

When you’re noticing that a lot of your webpages are loading slowly when you’re online, it may be time to clear out the history and cache. As you browse the Internet, your browser may be collecting things like images so that it can display everything faster later on. It will also try to remember information about you to use on a website through things like cookies. The more your computer has to look through just to display a page, the slower it gets. While the intention was to make things faster, if you don’t clear these temporary files out from time to time it actually slows everything down.

Have you tried learning the keyboard shortcuts you can do so that you can make everything faster for you? One way to do this is if you need to cut text, you can push CTRL+X. When you see the plus symbol in a shortcut, it means to hold the first button and then the second one down at the same time. When you cut text, it is then taken out of where you cut it from and stored on what is known as the clipboard of your computer temporarily. If you cut anything after that, it will be replaced. CTRL+V is how you paste whatever you have cut, and as you can see shortcuts take far less time than your mouse.

If you’re running into viruses or pop-ups, you may want to run a scan on your computer. One of the files that is often impacted is the rundll32.exe file. If this happens to you, be sure to fix it quickly. Here is a link you can use:

Always save what you are working on multiple times. Never just leave your computer sitting or even do something else while a file is opened that you haven’t saved in a while. Whether it’s an important work file or a game save, you could lose it at any time if the software were to get shut off. Electricity could go out or an error could happen, so be careful and always save. Set up auto saves if you have the option to.

These shortcuts and tips are going to help you extend the life of your computer and make it run a lot better. The more you can learn about using your computer, the better. These tips are something that anyone can use, so give them a shot!

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5 Neat Computer Tricks You Should Know

Do you ever wonder how some people can use a computer so well and perform tasks so much more quickly than someone else? Chances are, they’re using shortcuts or other tricks to do their work. In this case, taking a shortcut or using a trick are not bad, and in fact, can decrease the amount of time to do a task in half – or better! These tips and tricks allow you to produce the same quality of work both faster and more effectively.